How Crowdfunding And Peer To Peer Lending Works

7 Simple Steps To Crowdfunding And Peer To Peer Lending

1 Identify the need – Do you have a property development or renovation project that needs funding that you believe is a winner?


Register Your Interest – First you must register, whether you are looking to invest or borrow.  This will then be followed up by a conversation with one of the Simple Backing team in order to understand your requirements better.


Submit details of your property project  – You will be asked questions about you, the nature of your business, funding requirements, photos and anything else that you think will help your cause.


Simple Backing due diligence – Once we receive your information, one of the Simple Backing team will review your request and do the necessary due diligence.


Tell the Crowd – Once the paperwork is done and the project has been accepted, it is put onto the platform and details are sent to our existing investor base.


Achieve the funding target – Once the full funding target has been pledged, the funds are collected by Simple Backing and the Borrower receives payments. Before funds are released, any charges or other agreed security are actioned.


Wins – Everyone wins. Investors receive a decent return for backing the property project, Borrowers complete their desired property projects and Simple Backing receive a fee for our service. Everybody shares in the success.

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