Simple Crowdfunding: Learn the Secrets to Crowdfunding Success

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Curious about Crowdfunding but don’t know where to begin?  This book provides a simple introduction to Crowdfunding.  The aim of the book is to introduce the concept of Crowdfunding and to show how both Investors and Borrowers can make use of this innovative marketplace.  The areas that are covered include:


     The types of Crowdfunding and how it works

     Crowdfunding regulations

     Tips for Borrowers and Investors

     Crowdfunding success stories

     Crowdfunding resources


Our goal is to give you a flavour of what Crowdfunding is about and to inspire you to find out more about this marketplace.  There is so much opportunity Crowdfunding brings and we believe that projects that may have been overlooked previously now have the opportunity to shine.


The future belongs to the crowd!

Simple Crowdfunding
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