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Crowdfunding Made Simple

Simple Backing is a crowdfunding platform that links smart property professionals to smart investors.

Our goal is to deliver simple access to crowdfunding and peer to peer lending.   Whether you are an investor looking for a good return on your money or a borrower who has a property idea or project that needs funding, Simple Backing can help. Our rates are competitive and all the projects presented on our site are checked by Simple Backing’s assessors.

What Is Crowdfunding And Peer To Peer (P2P) Lending?

“A new crowdfunding project is created every three minutes, with an estimated 1,000 new projects created every day worldwide (June 2014)”

So what is crowdfunding?  In it’s simplest form, crowdfunding is the ability to raise funding for a business idea, property project or social reason from a number of people, each contributing varying amounts towards the cause. There are 4 main types of crowdfunding:

Loan Based Crowdfunding (also called Peer to Peer Lending):  Simple Backing is a loan based crowdfunding platform.  Investors (also known as Lenders) provide a loan towards a business idea or property project . This loan is to be paid back with an agreed rate of interest, over an agreed term.  The loan term and the interest payable can vary depending upon the project.

Equity Crowdfunding:  Investors buy shares in a company, usually through an online platform.

Rewards Based Crowdfunding:  This is the most popular form of crowdfunding and has been around the longest.  Investors pre-purchase a product and/or receive a gift/ treat in return for their backing.

Donation Based Crowdfunding:  Here, people or companies invite the ‘crowd’ to help fund their activity. Usually, no return is offered and thus is the most philanthropic of all 4 types of crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding provides projects, products and services that may otherwise have been overlooked, the opportunity to shine.  Enjoy the crowdfunding journey!

Peer to Peer Lending

In it’s simplest form, Crowdfunding and Peer to Peer Lending is the ability to raise funding for a business idea, property project or social reason from a number of people, each contributing varying amounts towards the cause.

Become an Investor

If you are keen to make your money work harder for you, Simple Backing can help. Our crowdfunded projects offer between 6% and 18% gross interest rate pa depending upon the nature of the project and the term of the investment

Become a Borrower

Do you have a property development or renovation project but are struggling to get funding in order to bring it to life? Simple Backing’s crowdfunding platform can help you raise the finance through the crowd.

Become an Introducer

Do you have clients who are looking for a better ROI? Simple Backing offers a Crowdfunding Investor Introduction program. Projects are reviewed by the Simple Backing's assessors before they are presented for funding.

If you wish to discuss becoming an Investor, Borrower or Introducer, please contact the Simple Backing team.